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Our online interactive classroom feels as if the teacher is there with you.

terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are the basis of our ("" / "Iqra") contract with you ("the student"):

1.1. Iqra and the student ("you") must agree on lesson times for at least a 6 week period (a module). (If this is not possible, please contact us).

1.2. You will then pay, in advance, for the 6 week period.

1.3. You must pay as per the instructions we send to you from our email address You cannot pay the teacher in any other way, and if you do so this is in breach of this agreement and under UK law is illegal and under Shariah law is haram.

1.4. After 4 weeks, Iqra will contact you and ask whether you want to book another module.

1.5. Thereafter Iqra will contact you before the end of each calendar month and confirm your booking for the next 6 week period.  Basically this means you will make a payment once per month at the end of each month.  This payment will cover you for the next 6 weeks.  For example, if

at the end of a month you have 2 weeks of unused lessons, you will pay for 4 weeks of lessons.

2.1. Please be aware that if you miss a lesson, you will lose those hours.  If you want to miss a lesson during the 6 week period, you need to let us know before you book the module.  You can miss weeks during modules for any reason, we just need to agree this at the start.

2.2. If you want to study additional hours during the 6 week period, you need to agree this with first.

3.1. We will try and keep your weekly slot fixed for you as much as possible.  However, we reserve the right to move this at any time as necessary.  We will give you one week's notice minimum and if you don't like the new time, we will refund you any lessons you have not yet studied.

3.2. If at any time we cannot teach you lessons you have paid for, we will give you a full refund.

3.3. UK and Shariah law applies to this contract.  If anything under UK law does not comply with the Shariah, then the Shariah will prevail.

3.4. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time as necessary.  We will notify you of these changes.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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